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Here at HomeComing Foundation (HCF), we know that all it takes to change the world is making sure the next generation is equipped with the best possible chance at success. We understand that quality education is accompanied by sanitary environments and a safe space for students to thrive in. The core of our efforts is to bring our team’s fresh ideas, link worthy causes to funding and using our influence to provide a dignified learning environment for South African children by eradicating pit/bucket toilets and other forms of lack. While we help eradicate social ills and equip the next generation, we also hope to ignite sense of community consciousness and provide well equipped infrastructure to South African schools.

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    Project At Hand


    In our attempt to eradicate barriers that stand between students and them achieving their educational goals we have chosen to direct our efforts to infrastructural development.

    #TheBucketStopsWithMe aims to eradicate pit toilets in schools and equip schools with sanitary and safe infrastructure. 

    With your assistance we will be able to allow school children to learn in a dignified environment, help prevent pit toilet drownings in schools and allow kids to lead safer lifestyles.


    This donation isn’t to HomeComing Foundation but to the future lawyers, doctors, artists, engineers, humanitarians and the next generation. 

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