Over the 2021 calendar we will be addressing one of the biggest social issues in disadvantaged communities, sufficient sanitation in schools.

In order to give back to disadvantaged communities in a meaningful way that will have a lasting and sustainable impact the HomeComing Foundation will undertake the project #TheBucketStopsWithMe project with the assistance of numerous stakeholders.


If you’d like to make a direct donation please find our banking details below:

First National Bank

Account Number: 62889597674

Branch Code: 210554

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Finally, we understand that we do not exist in isolation. Our work is only supported and magnified with legislature changes and systematic improvement. With that said, please sign our petition to enable change on all levels.

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HomeComing Foundation is a communal project. Our vision and mandate can only be realised and sustained by collaborations with the greater population. Should you feel you can meaningfully contribute to our cause, feel free to contact us. No query is menial, a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.

  • info@homecomingfoundation.org.za

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